Joy is Nicky's younger sister.
Photo Credit: Eric M. Patterson

Joy was born in 1979 and was Holeyfin’s last surviving offspring. Although she is Nicky’s sister, no sisters could be more different. As soon as Joy was weaned, she had very little to do with the people at Monkey Mia and she never accepted fish handouts.

Joy and her son Ecstasy live away from the Monkey Mia beach in an area called Whale Bight.
Photo Credit: Ewa Krzyszczyk
Joy and Ecstasy

After Holeyfin died in 1995, Joy began spending more and more time in an adjacent bay that researchers call Whale Bight. She doesn’t associate with her sister at all and while Nicky is a bit of a loner, Joy is more sociable. Joy’s calves, Laughin and Bliss also survived and her son Ecstasy is doing well.

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