Bytfluke with a sponge.
Photo Credit: Yi-jiun Jean Tsai
Bytfluke with sponge

Bytfluke was born in the early 1970s and currently has a dependent son called Google. Bytfluke was one of the first spongers discovered in the 1980s and has been sponging now for at least 27 years! Her older son, Bingo never sponged but once stole his mother’s sponge. Google has not been seen sponging yet, but he was born in 2008 and may start sponging yet. Bytfluke was named for a bit taken out of her tail fluke. Her dorsal fin is quite distinctive due to an encounter with a tiger shark in 1998.

Bytfluke with a fresh catch.
Photo Credit: Ewa Krzyszczyk
Bytfluke with fish